30 Oct,2023

Visit by Sri. Sandeep Kumar Sulthania, Principal Secretary, PR & RD Dept.

Sri. Sandeep Kumar Sulthania Sir's significant visit commenced with a solemn garlanding ceremony at the statue of Swamy Ramananada Tirtha Statue, the revered scholar and philosopher whose name adorns the Institute. Sri. Sandeep Kumar Sulthania sir's visit aimed to gain insights into the functioning and contributions of SRTRI towards rural development and technology advancements. He began his tour by inspecting the Institutes's state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories, and classrooms, demonstrating a keen interest in the resources available for students. During his interaction with faculty and staff, he not only appreciated the dedication and hard work of the Institute's team but also provided valuable suggestions to further enhance the quality of education and research at SRTRI. These recommendations covers areas like curriculum updates, research collaboration opportunities, and infrastructure improvements, demonstrating his commitment to promoting excellence in rural development. The Institute is poised to implement the valuable suggestions provided, fostering growth and innovation in the realms of rural technology and development. SRTRI expresses its gratitude to Sri Sandeep Sulthania sir for his insightful visit and looks forward to continuing its journey towards excellence in rural development.

28 Oct,2023

Empowering Artisians - Distribution of Artisan Identity Cards in Chaupal Event

The Chaupal Event was held at SRTRI by the Office of Development Commissioner (handicrafts), New Delhi in collaboration with the Handicrafts Service Centres, Warangal. The event was graced by promotional officers Mr. Praveen, Mr. Venkateshwarlu and Designer Mr. Rajesh. The objective was to distribute Artisan Identity Cards (Pehchan Cards) to the eligible handicraft artisans. Asst. Prof. PSSR Lakshmi, Director, SRTRI, in her address emphasized the significance of the Artisan Identity cards and suggested the participants to unlock the opportunities using the artisan identity cards. The promotional officers took the opportunity to brief the participants about the chaupal event  and explained about the various office schemes available to the talented artisans. 30 Artisans from different parts of the region attended the chaupal to receive the artisan Identity cards.

20 Oct,2023

Inauguration of the Goddess Saraswathi Devi Sculpture & Bathukamma Celebrations

The Exquisite sculpture of Goddress Saraswathi Devi, the embodiment of knowledge, arts and wisdom now graces our Institute with her divine presence. Asst. Prof. PSSR Lakshmi, Director, SRTRI along with the staff members and students unveiled the sculpture and performed the traditional pooja, and made this event of spirituality and cultural significance more memorable. Following the replendent inauguration of the Saraswathi Devi, Our festivities continued with the vibrant and colorful Bathukamma Celebrations. The cultural extravaganza  of our rich heritage  and the spirit of unity and festivity were showcased. The Bathukamma Celebrations marked by a kaleidoscope of colors, music, dances, etc. were a reminder of the importance of preserving and celebratin our cultural roots. 

19 Sep,2023

Inauguration of Ganesh Statue and Vinayaka Chavithi Celebrations

To remove the obstacles and to have a sucessfull journey, a permanent Statue of Lord Ganesh - the divine guide of new beginnings, was inaugurated by Asst. Prof. PSSR Lakshmi, Director, SRTRI on the auspicious day of Vinayaka Chavithi. SRTRI came together to celebrate the divine Vinayaka Chavithi festival. Celebrations started with Traditional Ganesh Pooja by Asst. Prof. PSSR Lakshmi, Director, SRTRI., followed by Aarthi and Delicious Prasad for everyone. The celebrations were ended with the heartwarming Nimarjanam procession in the evening.

30 Aug,2023

Rakhi Celebrations with Handmade Rakhis and Delectable Rava Laddus by Trainees

To make the trainees of SRTRI connect with our cultural heritage and to make them understand the significance of our tradtions, Rakhsabandhan - the festival of Rakhis was celebrated officially at SRTRI in a unique and special way. Rakshabhandan a festival of love and protection between siblings took a creative touch with handmade rakhis and rava laddus by trainees of SRTRI. The day was vibrant with exchange of rakhis, laddus and blessings among trainers and trainees.

25 Aug,2023

Tribute to Greatness - Remembering our Former Chairman

Dr. T. Navaneetha Rao(1931-2023), a dynamic administrator with professional values and dignity, Former Vice Chancellor of Osmania University and Former Chairman of SRTRI passed away on 25th August 2023. His Leadership and dedication to our organization have left an indelible mark on all of us. He played a pivotal role in steering our organisation towards success. In this time of sorrow tributes were paid by the staff members of SRTRI. On the "12th day Remembrance" some of the staff represented SRTRI and extended the deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

05 Sep,2023

Teachers Day Celebrations

Birthday of a distinguished scholar, great philoshpher and the 2nd President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishna was celebrated on 5th Sept 2023 as Teachers Day for his exceptional contributions in the field of education by teachers and students of SRTRI. The programme started with garlanding of the portrait of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishna by Sr. Faculty Sri. Rajaram, SRTRI. Tributes were paid by staff and students. Trainers and trainees took over the program with their speeches and songs, expressed gratitude and inspired every one to carry forward Dr. Radhakrishnan's priniciples and vision of education and bring a positve change in the society.

15 Aug,2023

77th Independance Day Celebrations

Celebrations at SRTRI started with paying of homage to our brave national leaders who have sacrificed their lives for India's Independance. Asst. Prof. PSSR Lakshmi, Director, SRTRI, hoisted the National Flag followed by singing of National Anthem. The stage came alive with speeches and songs performed by both students and staff. Their eloquent words and heartfelt melodies reverberated the patriotic day. Winners of the competitions were applauded with prize distribution for their talent. Asst. Prof. PSSR Lakshmi in her inspiring speech, emphasizied the significance of Independence Day and the importance of the three colors in the national flag.The colors of our flag symbolize the virtues we hold – saffron for courage, white for purity, and green for growth. Let's cherish and protect these ideals. Her words instilled a sense of pride and responsibility in everyone present. The celebration concluded on a sweet note with the distribution of sweets, spreading joy and unity among all attendees.

19 Jun,2023

Haritha Utsavam: 

Telangana state on successful completion of 9yrs after state formation and entering into10th yr., the Telangana Govt. has organized 21 day long "Telangana State Decennial Formation Day Celebrations. As a part of these celebrations the State's unprecedented developments and achievements in various areas of the last 9 years, are showcased. SRTRI celebrated Haritha Uthsavam on 19th June 2023 as a part of these celebrations. Sri. Kanth Risa, Sand art animator and musician, was the chief for the Haritha Uthsavam. Asst. Prof. PSSR. Lakshmi, Director, SRTRI and all the staff with students made the program successful by actively participating in the plantation program. After planting the saplings a meeting was arranged in which our guest Sri. Kanth Risa sir have explained about what is life with the help of his sand art and music skills. The program was concluded with honoring of the chief guest.

02 Jun,2023

Telangana State Formation Day -  SRTRI celebrated the 9th Telangana State Formation Day on June 2nd 2023. Asst. Prof PSSR Lakshmi, Director, SRTRI, hoisted the National Flag and paid tributes to the national leaders. On this occasion staff and students, in their speeches and songs, marked the struggles and sacrifices of all the Telangana people who have contributed in the Telangana movement. Asst. Prof PSSR Lakshmi, Director, SRTRI, in her address spoke about how strong will power and hope helped in achieving the separate Telangana state after a struggle of many years. The programme was concluded with sweet distribution.

26 Jan,2023

74th Republic Day Celebrations - On January 26th 2023, SRTRI Staff along with the trainees celebrated the Republic Day in the campus with great patriotism and freedom spirit. Asst. Prof PSSR Lakshmi, Director, SRTRI, paid rich tributes to our national leaders and unfurled the National Flag. Students and staff actively participated in the event with their patriotic songs and speeches. Asst. Prof. PSSR Lakshmi addressed the staff and students with her motivational speech. Contributions of Dr. BR Ambedkar, the architect of our Indian Constitution, were recalled on this occasion. The program concluded with sweet distribution to staff and students.

23 Dec,2022

Homage to Sri. PV Narasimha Rao

SRTRI paid homage to India’s former Prime Minister, Sri. PV Narasimha Rao Garu on his 18th Death Anniversary. Sri. PV Narasimha Rao Garu, in the memory of Swamy Ramananda Tirtha, his Gurujii, has set up Swamy Ramananda Tirtha Rural Institute in 1995, with the primary objective of empowering rural people especially youth and women. 

09 Dec,2022

ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARENESS PROGRAMME (EAP) - Guidelines for Prospective Entrepreneurs

A 1-Day Programme was organized in the campus by MSME-Development & Facilatation Office, MSME, Govt. of India, for the benefit of youth/ prospective entrepreneurs. Ms. M Sree Lakshmi Gaaru, General Manager, District Industries Centre, (Yadadri-Bhongir), and Mr. Naveen Gaaru, Dist Nodal Officer (Yadadri-Bhongir) have attended the program. The programme was formulated to create awareness about MSME Schemes, policies, guidelines of the Ministry of MSME, Motivation and Step by step approach to Entrepreneurship, Credit facilitation/Loan policies, etc. The programme was concluded by interacting with the students. 


01 Dec,2022

"SHE TEAMS" - Awareness Programme by Choutuppal Division SHE TEAM

An Awareness programme was conducted in the Institute by Mr. Ravinder Reddy, Head Constable, and his team, to create awareness about SHE TEAMS among the trainees and staff. Different Case Studies were explained to make the students understand about Cyber Crime Offences, Human Trafficking, CCTV Cameras, Community Policing, NDPS Act, Anti Ragging Act, Eve Teasing, Sexual Harrasment on Women and Girl Child, MV Act. And also suggested everyone to be cautious with post COVID-19 symptoms and effects. He requested everyone to use Dail100 at any time in need of police assistance and also can contact RACHAKONDA police through WhatsApp No: 9490617111.


26 Sep,2022

Medha Charitable Trust as a part of Medha Naipunya Nirmana has been sponsoring trainees at SRTRI by providing free training and accommodation to the needy rural youth and women. In this collaboration SRTRI has been conducting 6 months free training programmes in Electrician Domestic and Solar Electric System Installer & Service Provider for Boys and Self Employed Tailor with Zardozi & Ornamental Work for girls. As a part of the programme around 200 trainees were already trained. And a valedictory cermony was conducted on 26th September 2022. Ms. Swetha Reddy, General Manager, Medha Charitable Trust Chief Guest of the programme in her address advised the trainees to be self disciplined in their lives and suggested the trainees to help in the progress of their families by settling themselves in respectable positions. After the Trainees shared their experiences, the programme was concluded with Certificate Distribution.

05 Sep,2022

Teachers Day Celebrations - Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwarah, Guru Saakshaath, Para Brahma, Tasmai Shri, Guruveh Namaha - Birthday of the Great Teacher and the 2nd President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishna was celebrated on 5th Sept 2022 as Teachers Day by teachers and students of SRTRI. The programme started with garlanding of the portrait of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishna by Asst. Prof. PSSR Lakshmi, Director, SRTRI. All the staff were felicitated for their services. With the themes as "importance of education" and "role of the teachers",Students actively participated with their speeches, songs and roleplays. 

22 Aug,2022

Swatantra Bharata Vajrotsavam Celebrations This year on completing 75 yrs of Independence, as a part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav,Independence day celebrations started early in the Institute. As a part of 'Har Ghar Tiranga' programme, our national flag was hoisted on 11th August 2022 in the Institute premises. And on 16th August 2022, 11.30 A.M., the employees and students of the Institute, participated in the Samoohika Jaathiya Geethalapana – “Mass Singing of National Anthem". To inspire and boost the patriotism and to bring out the inner talents several competitions with themes related to National Leaders and Independence Day, were held in the Institute from 17th August to 21st August 2022.

A valedictory ceremony was held on 22nd August 2022. All the students participated with wonderful patriotic speeches and songs. Asst. Prof. PSSR Lakshmi, Director, SRTRI in her address to the staff and students mentioned about how mobile phones have taken over games and physical exercises in our lives. she said that games are conducted to bring out the inner talents of the students and also create awareness about our national leaders. She also stressed that we should have control on thoughts which was more dangerous than air, water and food pollutions, as polluted thoughts not only cause self destruction but effects society. The program was concluded with Certificate and Prize distribution to the winners of the competitions.

15 Aug,2022

76th Independence Day Celebrations - On August 15th 2022, SRTRI Staff along with the trainees celebrated the 76th Independence Day with great patriotism and freedom spirit. Asst. Prof PSSR Lakshmi, Director, SRTRI, paid rich tributes to our national leaders and hoisted the National Flag. Students and staff actively participated in the event with their patriotic songs and speeches. Asst. Prof. PSSR Lakshmi recalled about how our national leaders made many sacrifices to save our country from the slavery of the British rule and brought independence to our country. Inspired by his Guruji, Swamy Ramananda Tirtha, the then Prime Minister of India laid the foundation to SRTRI, she thanked the Government and all the staff for being a part of SRTRI and providing free training to the rural unemployed youth and women in different vocational training programmes and empowering them in their skills. She has reiterated that we are planning to introduce new training programmes for the benefit of the rural youth and women.

06 Aug,2022

Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Prof. Kothapalli Jayashankar Sir

SRTRI paid Floral Tributes to Telangana Ideologue, relentless fighter, former Vice-Chancellor of Kakatiya University,  Prof. Kothapally Jayashankar Sir on his 89th Birth Anniversary on 06-08-2022. Asst. Prof. PSSR Lakshmi, Director, SRTRI, garlanded the portrait of Prof. Jayashankar sir, followed by other staff members and students' floral tributes. The programme was conducted by the students of SRTRI under the able guidance of Ms. Vasantha Rani and presided over by Asst. Prof. PSSR Lakshmi. Students remembered and recollected his Services, dreams and Ideologies with their speeches. Asst. Prof PSSR Lakshmi concluded the program with her motivational speech on the aspirations of  Prof. Jayashankar sir. She explained to the students, the role of a teacher and the respect to be given to a teacher. She added that a good teacher is one who practises and shows and Prof. Jayashankar sir is one among them, so his sincere efforts will be remembered for ever and ever. The event was successfully organised with the support and encouragement of teaching staff, Administrative staff, non teaching staff, and students.

01 Jul,2019

Valedictory Function The 3 months free training programmes on “MS-Office”, “Self Employed Tailor” and “Embroidery” were conducted by Sai Oral Health Foundation in collaboration with Swamy Ramananda Tirtha Rural Institute at Extension Training Centre, Samsthan Narayanapuram, Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri District.  In this regard, the valedictory function was held on  1st July 2019.  Padmasri Dr.A.S.Narayana was the chief guest to the function.  He advised the candidates who underwent the training to make use of the knowledge gained to stand on their own feet and lead better life independently without depending on parents. With the financial assistance given by Ms.Kongati Sahithi, NRI 2 Nos. sewing machines were distributed to the candidates who have successfully completed the course.  He has promised the Scheduled Caste students of Vavillapalli Government School for provision of bus fare every month.  Dr.N.Kishore Reddy, Director, SRTRI, Ms. V.Bujji, Ex.MPP, Sri G. Venkateshwarlu, MEO, Sri Srihari, Sarpanch and others also present.

29 Jun,2019

One Day Workshop Swamy Ramananda Tirtha Rural Institute organized one day workshop for Master Trainers of Pottery on 29.6.2019 at its campus. The master trainers of pottery who belongs to Kummari community came from all over the state to attend the workshop. Sri Thaduri Srinivas garu, Chairman, Most Backward Class Development Corporation was invited as the Chief Guest for the workshop. He advised all the professionals of pottery to make use of this opportunity for their sustainable livelihood. He has reiterated that Government of Telangana is extending its help to the professionals of all communities for usage of modern tools and equipment for augmentation of productivity and more income generation.  As a part of this initiation, 3500 candidates of kumara community from all over the state will be given training on pottery.  He said, after training, trainees will be encouraged by providing subsidized modern tools and equipment.  When the members of Kummari society requested for supply of subsidized modern tools, sanction of pensions and provision of loans to kumara cooperative society, he replied that all the issues will be taken to the notice of Hon’ble Chief Minister.  Sri   Alok Kumar, Managing Director, MBC Development Corporation said Government of Telangana is extending its support for the welfare of the professionals of all casts. Dr.N.Kishore Reddy, Director, SRTRI, Sri Jayanth Rao, President, State Kummara Sangam, Sri Kothapalli Rajamallaiah, General Secretary, Sri Kundala Govardhan and others were present in the workshop.

02 Jun,2019

SRTRI celebrated the 5th Telengana State Formation Day on June 2nd 2019. Director, Staff and Students attended the celebration. Director, SRTRI paid tribute to the national leaders and hoisted the National Flag and paid respects to the National Flag. Dr.N.Kishore Reddy, Director  addressed the staff and students about the significance of the telengana movement. The Programme was concluded with sweet distribution. 

05 May,2018

EGMM organised Aajeevika Evam Kaushal Vikas Mela Program on the Occasion of "GRAM SWARAJ ABHIYAN",  at NAC, Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad on 5th May 2018. Smt. Neetu Kumari, IAS, Commissioner PR & RD and CEO, EGMM inaugurated "Success Stories Book" compiled by SRTRI at the Function . As a part of the program competitions were conducted and prizes were distributed to the winners at SRTRI Campus by Dr.N.Kishore Reddy, Director. Also Course completion certificates were distributed to the trainees who have successfully completed the training program at SRTRI.

30 Apr,2018

Prof.M.Sainath, Dean, Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, Basar (Village and Mandal), Nirmal District has visited SRTRI on 30.04.2018 along with his faculty members and discussed with Dr.N.Kishore Reddy, Director and Sri P.Ravinder Kumar, Asst.Prof. to explore the possibilities of tie-up with SRTRI to jointly conduct programmes related to their technological innovations of their research team for the benefit of rural enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

09 Mar,2018

Sri Arvind Chaudhary, Director, M/o Shipping, Sri Aktharul Hanif, Deputy Secretary, M/o Road Transport & Highways and Sri Gaurav Uppal, IAS District Collector, Nalgonda, visited the Institute on 09.03.2018. They visited the Institute for on spot study of the excellence in implementation of "Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gramin Kaushalya Yojana" for considering Prime Minister's Awards for Excellence in Public Administration. They intracted with the trainees who are undergoing the training under DDU-GKY, the past trainees who had already been placed, the trainers, and the faculty. Dr.D.Hanumantha Rao, Assoc. Prof. & Project Head (DDU-GKY) explained the complete profile and activities of the Institute and especially the initiatives and successes under DDU-GKY scheme. They expressed their utmost satisfaction over the conduct of the scheme and the facilities avaialble with the Institute. Later they handed over the DDU-GKY Training Completion Certificates to the candidates who are already working. Sri Anjaiah, P.D.,DRDA, Nalgonda also accompanied with the team.

07 Feb,2018

Sri ESL Narasimhan, Hon'ble Governor of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh visited SRTRI on 7th Feb. 2018 and interacted with the trainees about the trainings being imparted. He visited all the training labs and inquired about the employment prospects. While addressing the trainees, he suggested to take up the employment opportunities being given by the Institute and move to places where growth prospects are brighter. He also suggested to continue their higher studies to move up the ladder. He encouraged the  candidates to take up self-employment and provide employment to some more. He mentioned about the loans and subsidies being given by the government to budding entrepreneurs. He complimented the initiatives of the Institute and extended his best wishes to all. Smt. Anita Ramachandran, IAS, Collector, Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri District, Joint Collector, and other officials participated in the event.

04 Feb,2018

Smt. Anita Ramachandran, IAS, Collector, Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri Dist. & Chairperson (FAC), SRTRI awarded course completion certificates to the women underwent skill training in NAIPUNYAM Program. More than 60 women who got trained in "Self-employed Tailor" and "Ornamentalist - Handwork Specialist" courses across 3 months duration received course completions certificates. The Collector appreciated the garment works developed by the women and assured to provide necesary support to take up self-employment. Sri Vankat Rao, P.D., DRDA, Yadadri Dist., Dr.N.Kishore Reddy, Director, SRTRI also participated in the program.

29 Jan,2018

The Institute has started an exension training program on "Domestic Data Entry Operator" course in IT&ITES sector at Samsthan Narayanpur Village & Mandal, Yadadri-Bhuvanagir Dist. on 29.01.2018 in association with Sri Sai Oral Health Foundation. Sri Suraj Kumar, RDO, Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri District inaugurated the program in the august presence of Dr.A.S.Narayana, Founder, Sri Sai Oral Health Foundation, local MRO, MPP, etc. Dr.N.Kishore Reddy, Director, SRTRI also participated in the event.

26 Jan,2018

Institute celebrated 69th Republic Day in its campus. Director, Staff and Students attended the celebration. Director, SRTRI hoisted the National Flag and all paid respects to the National Flag. Dr.D.Hanumantha Rao, In-charge (Programs and Projects) welcomed all and gave introductory remarks about the importance of the Republic Day and the role of the students for national building. Dr.N.Kishore Reddy, Director gave his Republic Day message and explained the importance of Indian constitution and the service rendered by Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. The winners of different competitive events, conducted on this occasion by the Institute in areas like Elocution, Essay Writing, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Lemon & Spoon, Skipping, Musical Chairs, Caroms, Chess, Tennikoit, etc., were presented awards. Later, sweets were distributed to all the present.

26 Jan,2018

Smt. Anita Ramachandran, IAS, Collector, Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri District received State Best Administrator Award from His Excellency Sri E.S.L.Narasimhan, Hon'ble Governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana on the occasion of 69th Republic Day at Pared Grounds, Secunderabad. She was presented with Certificate of Excellence and Cash Award too. She is also the Chairperson (FAC) to Swamy Ramananda Tirtha Rural Institute

22 Jan,2018

Institute observed 46th Death Anniversary of "Pujya Ramananda Tirtha" on 22nd January 2018 in the campus. The staff and students garlanded Swamiji and paid homage. On this occasion, the staff and students remained of the noble works and sacrifices made by Swamiji.