Training at Rural Doorsteps

Some of the training programs of the Institute are offered on extension mode too at various parts of the state. These centers are set up in partnership with a local organization viz. NGO, government organization, CBOs, philanthropist, etc. in such rural place. In this format, the Institute conducts skill training to local unemployed youth and women identified by the local partner in locally sustainable trades. The primary focus of these trainings is to promote self-employment among the youth.


The continuance of an extension center in a place is subject to the demand for such training in such place. Once it is found that there is need for such training any further, the center shall be shifted to some other place as demanded. Thus, the extension training centers are mobile in nature and demand sensitive. About 45 such extension programs are running at present in the state. Every year, about 4000 candidates are skillfully empowered for gainful self-employment.