Way Forward

The Institute is in the process of re-engineering itself into a center of excellence for rural employment & enterprise promotion through proper blend of critical activities viz. research, education, training, extension, networking, consultancy, etc. India being the youngest country across the globe, the Government and others institutional mechanism need to gear-up to grab the emerging opportunities leveraging the demographic dividend. There is a strong need to create an innovative education and training platform to match the emerging opportunities in industry and rural economy. It is proposed to re-structure the eco-system of the Institute in terms of six inter-connected centers of execution as proposed below.


  1. Research and Innovation
  2. Training and Employability Creation
  3. Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Promotion
  4. Training through Extension
  5. Rural Crafts and Livelihoods
  6. Collaborations and Networking

Pl. click the following for detailed strategy report on wayforward

Strategy Report on Way Forward