Soft Skills

The Institute has seperate English Communication Development Lab and other Soft Skills development facilities with dedicated faculty. The students are supposed to attend a session for one-hour/day to build their communication skills and other personality traits. The important areas of improvement in this domain include:


Dimensions of Soft Skills 
  1. Communicative English
  2. Positive Attitude building
  3. Tima Management skills
  4. Reading, Writing and Listening skills
  5. Self-Motivation building
  6. Grooming skills
  7. Problem-solving skills
  8. Digital Literacy
  9. Leadeship traits
  10. Responsibility
  11. Team-work
  12. Negotioan and Conflict resolving skills, etc.
Strategies adopted:
  1. Daily digital-mode classes and interactions for Communicative English.
  2. Reading of newspaper and journals/magazines.
  3. Conduct of competitions such as Elocution, Essar Writing, JAM sessions, Quiz, Debate, etc. on weekly basis.
  4. ICE breaking sessions and games.
  5. Vocabulary building excercises and tests on domain and general areas.
  6. Watching of YouTube content on communicative english, personalty development, etc.
  7. Student presentations on any topic they like.
  8. Interview skills and conduct of mock interviews
  9. Motivationa lectuers by guest faculty and successful entrepreneurs.
  10. Exposure visits.
Yoga and Meditation:

The Institute tied-up with Sri Sri Ravi Shanker Guruji's Art of Living Foundation, Bangalore to imparting Yoga and Meditation Classes to the trainees. Every batch of trainees shall undergo one-week intensive yoga and meditation training - Happiness Program. Under this program, the candidtes are taught all the human values and yoga & meditation skills and the foundation's most popular yoga kriya called Sudarshan Kriya. The primary objective of this trainig is to shed all the negative elelmets of the candidates and explore the positivity and inner dimensions of human being.  Sri Mallikarjun Reddy, Sri Shankar Reddy, Sri Gopala Krishna and other certified yoga masters take up this program.