Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India empanelled Swamy Ramananda Tirtha Rural Institute (SRTRI) as "National Level Trainer (NLT)" in the year 2012 and shortlisted for providing training to the electrical technicians on the "Installation, Repairing & Maintenance of Small Solar Systems" in the state. 


During the year 2011-12, the Institute conducted a training project on "Capacity Building of Youth in Solar Energy Technologies" sanctioned by MNRE. The Institute conducted three training programs on "Solar Photovoltaic" and one program on "Solar Thermal", each with one-month duration. A total of 100 trainees were trained under the project. The project was aimed at building the awareness among the youth about the importance and emerging applications in solar energy for sustainable growth and environmental protection and provides skill building training programs to meet the emerging manpower requirements in solar energy sector.


During the year 2012-13, the Institute conducted six training programs on "Training to Technicians on Installation, Repairing & Maintenance of Small Solar Systems" sanctioned by MNRE. The training duration was six days and in each training, 20 candidates were trained.  The core focus was on imparting knowledge and training to the trainees in respect of solar energy, energy conversion process, components, system designing, applications, installation, maintenance, trouble shooting, repairing of small solar systems like solar lanterns, home lighting systems with different load and kinds, street lighting systems - CFL model and LED model, etc. The training also covered the solar module manufacturing technology, hybrid model power packs, electronic charge controlling unit, etc.