Absorbent cotton
Bandage/ gauze cloth - Surgical
Batik Painting
Bleaching, dying and printing on cloth
Block Printing on Sarees
Button Hole and Button Stitching
Buttons (Plastic)
Buttons Manufacturing (Horn)
Canvas bags
Carpet making /weaving
Cloth Printing
Cotton and nylon socks, shoe laces
Cotton beds and pillows
Cotton belts and tapes
Cotton blankets
Cotton Carding Machine
Cotton ginning
Cotton Processing Center
Cotton waste Processing
Crochet lace
Embroidery Shawls
Fabric screen printing
Fur garments from sheep/goat/rabbit skins
Gloves, absorbent cotton etc, -Surgical
Gold/Silver zari manufacture
Hand Kerchiefs
Handloom Weaving
Hosiery products
Calamari Printing
Kambali weaving
Knitted socks
Knitted under garments
Lace making
Mosquito net
Petty coats and Readymade blouses
Raw silk reeling
Readymade Garments
Rope, sutli, ban making
Sanitary towels
Saree falls and embroidery works
Screen printing on fabric
Sewing thread Reeling / Balls
Shamiana Making
Silk reeling and twisting - Sericulture based
Spindle tapes synthetic
Synthetic zari
Tape weaving
Textile Printing
Textile shuttles and handloom
Umbrella cloth
Upholstery for 2 and 3 wheelers
Wool Carding and Knitting/weaving
Wool Spinning
Woolen Garments
Woolen Knitted Socks
Woolen Mufflers
Yarn dyeing & processing (Low count)
Zari Making