Acrylic sheets
Agricultural sprayers, dusters and sprinklers
Air Cooler Body making
Artificial Plastic Flowers
Ball point pens
Bicycle tubes
Black board with synthetic surface
Blow Moulded Containers
Blow moulded plastic products
Corrugated Poly Profiling Packing Material
Disposable syringes
Egg trays- plastic and paper
Fabricated plastic components
Fiber reinforced plastic products
Fishing nets (Nylon)
Fishing nets (plastic)
FRP moulded products
Gaskets Manufacturing
Hallow Plastic containers up to 1000 ml.
Hand Gloves - Industrial
Hawaii Chappals, Sandals & Shoes souls
HDPE products
Hot Water Bags
Industrial and automobile gaskets
Injection moulded containers
Kokum Stickers
Labels and stickers
LDPE bags
M.S. Washers
Medium density fiber boards
Metal Plating on Plastics
Moulded plastic goods
Mlulti layer co extruded polyester films
Nylon buttons
P.C.C. Stickers
Plastic Bangles
Plastic baskets
Plastic bobbins for yarn and jute rolling
Plastic bottle caps
Plastic briefcases & suitcases
Plastic Buckets and Tubs
Plastic Buttons
Plastic Cane And Wire
Plastic containers
Plastic egg trays lastic gum tape
Plastic house hold containers
Plastic Items Injection Moulded /Hand moulding
Plastic Moulded Furniture
Plastic Moulded Luggage
Plastic moulded novelty items
Plastic name boards
Plastic Products - Cups and Plates
Plastic rope
Plastic slate and frames
Plastic toys and sports goods
Plastic travel goods
Plastic waste Reprocessing
Polyester sheets
Polypropylene Film
Polystyrene foam products
Polythene Bags
PP film and bags
PVC blow moulded goods
PVC cables
PVC Chappals
PVC files and albums
PVC pipes
PVC sanitary fittings
Retread rubber
Rexene travel goods-fancy goods
Rotogravure printing
Rubber erasers
Rubber Gaskets for mills
Rubber gloves
Rubber moulded goods
Rubber Sports goods
Rubber stamps
Rubber toys
Rubber washers, Rings and Gaskets
Rubberised Cork sheets
School bags
Seat covers
Shuttle Cocks
Spectacle Frames
Straws made of paper and plastic
Switch boards
Thermo coal dee Hives and plastic Dee Frames
Thermo welded plastic products like files, iff articles, Plastic sutli
Tube vulcanizing
Tyre retreating
V belts and fan belts
Video / Audio cassettes
Washers, ring gaskets