Agarbathi Making
Agricultural Implements
Appliqué works
Books and Registers binding
Brushes (Painting)
Brushes (sanitary)
Bullock Carts
Cadmium Plating
Carbon bushes
Carcass Utilization
Card Board Cartons
Cardboard egg trays
Chicken centre (poultry dressing)
collar fusing Machine
Computer stationary
decorated Black pottery
Distilled water
ECG paper
F.R.P Accessories
F.R.P Products
File covers, file boards and letter pads
Fuel Briquettes from agro waste
Gem and diamond cutting/polishing
Greeting cards utilizing seaweeds
Grinding of optical lenses
Hand made Greeting Cards
Mobile water analysis laboratory
Musical Instruments Making
Paint Thinners
Painting Brushes
Paints, pigments, varnishes and distemper
Paper bags
Paper boxes for confectionary and bakery
Paper cones
Paper covers Production
Paper cups and plates
Paper encased gypsum boards
Paper Envelopes
Paper slate Making
Pepper mint
Photo Lamination
Pottery craft
Poultry Equipments
Printing Press
Refilling of computer ribbons
Road side Restaurant
Screen Printing unit
Smokeless Chulhas
Soft toys making
Sports goods
Stone carving
Stoneware crockery
Stove wicks
Synthetic Gems
Tailor Chalks piece
Umbrella Making
Walnut Dehulling, Washing and packaging
Wax coated paper
Wire Products