Alpine making
Aluminum Powder
Aluminum Shots and Knotched Bars
Aluminum Furniture
Aluminum Gift Articles
Aluminum Hangers
Aluminum Utensils 
Asbestos Brake Liners
Asbestos pipes and fittings
Asbestos Powder
Barites Crushing
Bell metal dokra craft
Beneficiation of china clay
Beneficiation of graphite
Brass metal craft
Burnt lime
Candles for water filters
Chalk crayons
Coated abrasives
Coke powder
Copper Powder
Copper Utensils
Cores for resistors
Decorative clay products
Elastic Rail chip and Modified loose Jaw
Elestro Plated Water Taps
Feldspar pulverizing
Fishing hook
Foundry sand
Glass boards 
Granite art ware and gift articles
Granite cutting and polishing (tiles and slabs)
Marble cutting and polishing 
Marble stone Polishing
Mica pulverizing 
Mica scrap segregation and grading 
Mica tapes and mica flakes
Mineral water in sachets
Neon Plating
Nickel Plating
Photo frames
Per - cast L panels
Pressure Dye Casting
Pulverizing of minerals
RCC spun pipes
Rivets Manufacturing
Rolling Shutters
Sand paper
Sanitary ware
Sheet Metal Works/products
Sickles and Scythes
Silica powder
Silver Extraction from waste Photographic film
Silver Foils
Slate Pencil and designed slates
Sodium silicate
Stainless steel utensils
Steel cots
Steel Racks 
Steel Trunks
Steel Utensils
Stone Crushed 
Stoneware floor tiles
Stoneware pipe fittings
T V Stand
T V Antenna
Graphite crucibles
Grinding Media
Hair Pins
Heat resistant glass
Hot Dip Galvanizing
Hot Treatment Servicing Unit
HT Insulators
Jewelers (Gold and Silver Smith)
Lead Recovery
Lens grinding
Lime kilns
Limestone chips
Manganese Sulphate