Animal tallow/fat processing
Animals skin processing
ballet shoe
bone meal(fertilizer)
Brogue shoe
Buff softie and Up-hold Stery Leather
Carcass Utilisation
Casual Foot Wear
Climbing boots
Closed Leather Shoe Upper
Dolls and Toys from waste leather
Footwear making
Furnished Leather From Wet blue Chrome
Improved Tool kit for Leather Artisans
Jwelery boxes
Lamp shades
Leather and Rexene bags
Leather and Rexene seat covers
Leather aprons
Leather Articles (Leather bags, purses, wallets, belts, watch straps,
travel goods)
Leather Briefcases and bags
Leather chappals, footwear, and shoe uppers
Leather Garments
Leather gloves and shoes - Industrial
Leather glue
Leather Purses
Leather sport goods
Leather Tanning
Leather toys
Milled Grain Side Leather
Nubuck Leather
Recovery of Used common Salt during Tanning
Rexene works
Sheep Nappa Leather
Up-gradation of Lower Leather Ends
Wet-Blue Chrome Tanning