Agarbathi/ice candy sticks making
Amla Beverages
Ayurvedic Medicines from herbs and plants/formulations
Bamboo and Cane Furniture
Bamboo based products / decorative articles
Bamboo baskets making
Bee keeping
Beedi making
Broom making
Broom sticks
Brush making from palm fiber
Carpentry (Modern)
Coir Decorated
Energy plantations
Hair oils
Honey Based Beverages
Honey Collection, Processing and Packing
Karai Mats
Leaf cups and plates (Laminated)
Leaf cups and plates making
Mehendi Processing and Packing
Musical instruments like Veena manufacture
Myrobolam extract for tanneries
Neem And Karanji Oil
Neem powder
Palm fiber brushes
Palm Leaf Products
Palm Sugar / Gur Making
Palmyra Fiber
Photo Frames
Sandal Wood products
Saw mill
Sisal fiber extract and ropes
Soap nut (Sika, Kunkudu) powder
Soap nut and Shikakai powder
Tunga mat weaving
Wood Bobbins
Wood Turning for Artistic wares
Wood Works
Wooden decorative articles
Wooden doors and windows
Wooden furniture and carvings
Wooden Packing Material(Boxes)
Wooden toys
Wooden Truck Body Building