Food & Agro Based Technologies
Activated carbon from agro waste/rice husk/coconut shell
Aerated water
Artificial curing of rice
Atta and Sooji packing
Atukulu (Rice Flakes) 
Bakery products
Banana chips and wafers
Banana power
Beate rice
Beneficiation of Sun Flower Seeds
Biscuits, wafers and confectionery
Bonsai plants
Bread making
Carbonated beverages
Cashew nut processing
Castor oil
Chicory powder
Chilli sauce
Chilly and turmeric powder
Chilly Fractionation
Chinese and Pandora Fast Food
Citronella oil
Citrus Juice Extraction
Coconut based products
Coconut Decoritcations/ Desiccated Coconut
Coconut milk processing and bottling
Coconut water (tendered) chiller
Coffee powder grinding blending
Coir Based Products
Coir rope Manufacturing (Mechanized)
Cold Storage
Corn Flakes
Cotton seed oil
Cream Separator
Curry Leaf Powder
Dairy based products
Dal mill
Dal Mill Semi Automatic
Dal Production 
Dally Processing 
Decorticator (Multipurpose)
Dehydration of Fruits and Vegetables
Dehydration of ginger
Dehydration of green chilly
De-mineralized water
Detection of Butter yellow in Mustard Oil
Detoxification of Pads for Ground nut Oil
Egg albumin
Egg Bhujiya Fast Food Joint
Egg powder
Essential oils from aromatic plants
Fast food stall
Fiber board from rice husk
Fish and meat processing 
Fish and prawn pickles
Fish Oil
Flavored milk
Flour Mill
Food for Toddlers (Children)
Fired gram
Fruit bars / Toffees
Garlic Powder
Ginger (Dry & Bleached )
Ginger products (Candy and Preserve)
Grain Storage Bin
Green Pepper Dry Packing
Ground Nut Chikki
Ground nut oil
Herbal Seeds Extracts
Ice Blocks
Ice cream cones
Ice Cream / Candy
Iodized Salt
Jams with Palm Sugar
Jowar Flakes
Jute Bags
Jute based products
Jute twine 
Jute weaving 
Karanji Seed Oil
Khan sari Sugar
Khova Manufacturing 
Lemon Grass oil
Liquid Sea Weed Fertilizer
Macaroni and pasta products
Mango Harvester
Mango kernel oil
Mango Pulps, Jams, Jelly etc.,
Mango Ripening (Improved Method)
Masala Powder & Packing
Masala Powders
Milk chilling
Milk Curd from Groundnuts
Mineral Water
Multi Crop Thresher
Mushroom processing and canning
Nursery (Horticulture)
Oil Expeller Modern
Orange peel oil and Lemon peel oil
Orange processing
Ornamental Plants
Oyster Mushroom Cultivation
Palma rosa oil
Pan masala (nut Powder)
Papad Making 
Para boiled rice
Particle boards 
Peanut Butter
Pickles making
Pickles Non-veg (Fish, Prawn and Meat)
Pomegranate Aril Extractor
Pop Corn
Potato Chips / Wafers
Potato Flour
Puffed Products
Pulse De husking
Pulse Grinding
Quail Farming
Rabbit Farming
Raisins (Dehydrated Grapes)
Fruit Jams, juices and Jellies
Fruit Juice Concentrating Plant
Fruit processing 
Fruit Squashes and syrups