ACSR conductors
Air cooler assembly
Aluminum hardware/fabrication
Aluminum Milk cans
Aluminum railway accessories
Anodized builders hardware
Art castings
Ash Trays
Audio and video cassettes
Auto electrical spares
Auto horn assembly
Auto lamp assembly
Auto leaf springs
Automobile accessories/spares
Automobile Gaskets
Automobile Silencers
Bakelite electrical accessories
Battery charging
Battery eliminators
Battery plates
Bed lamps/Aesthetic novel items
Bells and buzzers
Bicycle assembling
Bicycle spare arts spokes, nipples, stand and carriers
Bio gas equipment
Bolts, nuts and industrial fasteners
Booster amplifiers
Brass re-rolling and brass utensils
Builders Hand ware
Cables Making
Capacitors, resistors
Cast iron products
Ceiling fans Assembling
Chaff cutters and machines
Chokes and starters
Commodes and Seat Covers
Computer assembling
Containers for storage of food grains
Control panels and boards
Cooling and evaporator coils for air conditioners
Copper clad laminates
Copper coated MS wire
Copper powder
Cotter pins
Crank shaft grinding
Crimped wire connectors
Crown corks
CRT data display monitor
Digital Alarm Clocks Digital Watches
Doors, windows, and ventilators (metallic)
Drip sprinklers systems
Drums And Barrels
Electric bells and buzzers
Electric Fittings (bakelite)
Electric Horns
Electric immersion water heaters
Electric Liquid level controllers
Electric panel boards
Electric switches and switch boards
Electrical chokes and transformers
Electrical inverters
Electrical Repair Unit
Electrical tube Iight starters
Electro Sparks Coating Technology
Electronic bells and buzzers
Electronic display board
Electronic fan regulators
Electronic fan regulators
Electronic gas Lighters
Electronic Musical instruments
Electronic toys
Emergency Lights/lamps
Filter Elements for Auto mobile
Filter Elements making (Oil Filter, Automobile filters)
Fluorescent Chokes
Flush doors
Gem clips
General engineering workshop
GI buckets and tanks
GI Pipes and Fittings
GLS lamps
Gobar Gas Plants
Graded cast iron auto components Grain containers
Gun metal bushes
Hacksaw blades
Hand and Power looms Spare parts
Hand sprayers
Hand tools
Heat exchangers, condensers
Heat treatment
Hermetically seated coils ceiling fans stator and Transformers
Home Appliances Servicing
Industrial Fasteners
Industrial valves
Insulation tape
Integrated circuits
Inverters and converters
Inverters and UPS
Junction boxes
Knives and shearing blades
Lead Alloy lugs for Two Wheelers Clutch
Lead seals
LT power capacitors
Magnetic buttons
Mechanized boats repairs
Milk cooking and cream setting machines
Milk Tester and Processor
Mini Machine Shop
MS washers
MS wire
Musical albums and greeting cards
Night Lamps
Non Ferrous Castings
Nuts and bolts
Oil filters
Packaging straps
Panel boards, switches and bulbs
Paper pins and Jump clips
Pesticides / Insecticide dusters and sprayers
Piston valves
Portable Digital Soil Salinity Tester
Power Invertors
Power looms
Power operated Charka
Pressure die-casting up to 7.5 kg
Printed circuit boards (PCBs)
Public address system
Quartz clocks Assembling
Rechargeable torch lights
Rice mill Accessories
Rolling Shutters
Sheet metal
Shock absorbers reconditioning
Signal Devices
Single Phase Preventers
Small Transformers
Solar operated Dryers
Solar water heaters and cookers
Splints and Veneers
Sprayers, dusters and sprinklers
Starters (Tube lights)
Steel Fabrication Unit
Storage water heaters
Street light fittings
Structural fabrication
Submersible pumps assembly
Super enameled copper wire
Switch gears
Telephone accessories
Tool room die sets, moulding sets and Bakelite accessories
Tractor driven agricultural implements
Transformers (Small)
Transistor and radio receivers (AM and FM)
Tube Light chokes and fittings
TV sets Assembling
TV tuners
Tyre carts
Utensils Polishing
Voltage stabilizers
Wall clocks
Water quality testing kits
Welded wire mesh
Welding Workshop
Wire drawing and nails
Wire Stand Making
Wire wound resisters
Wooden electrical fittings