Acid slurry
Activated bleaching earth
After Shave Lotion
Air Freshener
Alkyd resins
Anodizing and dyeing of aluminum articles
Anodizing and dying on plastic articles
Anti corrosive paints based on CNSL resin
Anit Fungal Paste
Antiseptic and Germicidal Liquid Soap
Ball Pen Refills
Ball point pen ink
Barium Chemicals
Barium carbonate/chloride/nitrate
Benzene based hydrated lime
Beta naphthalene
Bindhi Manufacturing
Bio Fertilizers/manure
Bleaching powder
Bobbins (Plastic)
Calcium carbonate/chloride/nitrate
Camphor tablets
Cement paints and vernishes
Chalk - Low dust
Chalk pieces Manufacturing
Chalk - Tailors
Chemicals and dyes for textile
Chlorinated heavy normal paraffin wax
Chlorine tablets
Cleaning powder
Coal tar pile
Coke briquettes
Copper Sulphate
Corrugated boards and boxes
Crackers (Fire works)
Decoration on glass crockery
Decoration are castings
Detergent Liquid
Detergent powder
Detergent Soap cakes
Distemper Paints
Dyes for textiles
Electro Plating and Nickel plating
Enzymatic De-hairying of Skins
Ferric alum
Fibre reinforced Plastics 
Greece and Lubricating oils Preparation
Hydrated lime
Indigo Dye Extractor
Laboratory chemicals
Liquid deodorant cleaner
Lubricant greases / oils
Magnesium chloride 
Mini fume Tablets
Mixed Fertilizers
Mosquito Repellent Coil - Herbal
Naphthalene Balls
Nickel and Chromium plating
Non ferric alum
Non metallic zip fasteners
Nylon box trappings
Paints and varnishes
Perfumes from Flowers and chemicals
Phospho-gypsum Products
Plaster Boards for False Roofing
Plaster of Paris Products
Printing ink
Quick dip silver cleaning
Reclamation of oils
Red Oxide
Reprocessing Plastic Granules
Reprocessing of Plastic Waste
Room Fresheners
Safety Matches
Sealing Wax
Shoe Polish Manufacturing
Spray painting
Teflon products
Thermacol products
Two Layered Co extruded Film
Water filter candles
Wax products
Welding electrodes
X ray grade barium sulphate
Zinc Chloride
Zinc oxide
Zinc Phosphate
Zinc Phosphate coating and painting
Zinc Plating 
Zinc Sulphate
Gummed Paper Tape and stationery products
Hard chromium plating 
Hollow Plastic containers