Brick Manufacturing (Bricks from black cotton soil, Fly ash clay, coastal
aIluvial soils, inferior red soils, red murrum soil, saline soils
Bricks Manufacturing (Semi- Mechanized)
Cement Based Products
Cement concrete hollow blocks and bricks
Cement Decorative products
Cement Fencing poles
Cement jallies,pipes, well rings, poles and ventilators
Cement manhole covers
Cement Mosaic Tiles
Cement Products rings Frames
Cement Solid & Hollow Blocks
Ceramic art ware
Cinder floorin facing tiles
Clay Pipes / sanitary ware
Clay tiles flooring tiles / glazed wall tiles / roofing tiles
Concrete mixers
Corrugated roofing sheets from coir/wood wool and Portland cement
Decorated ceramic tiles
Decorated terra cotta tiles
Ferro cement Cupboards
Ferro cement Doors
Ferro cement Irrigation cum Drainage Channels, septic tanks and manhole covers
Ferro cement meter boxes
Ferro Cement segmental shell roof / corrugated roofing sheets / folded plate roofin units
Ferro cement trusses and rafters 
Ferro cement water storage tanks
Fire clay Bricks and Blocks
Floor and ornamentals tiles (Markapur tiles)
Gates and Grills
High draught brick kiln
Hollow cement blocks - masonry
Hollow clay blocks - glazed and unglazed
Lime Manufacture
Low Cost culvertys for Rural Roads
Micro Concrete Roofing Tiles
Mosiac Tiles
Moulding Bricks from aluminium red mud
Pre-cast plate elements fopr roofs and floors
Pre-Cast RC joists and Planks
Pre-cast Ribbed slabs
Pre-cast stone Blocks
Pre-cast thin RC lintels
Red mud Cement-Binder
Rice husk Hydraulic pozzolana
Roofing Tiles( Manglore Tiles)
Sanitary ware (Rural & low cost)
Sintered Fly ash Aggregates
Stone polishing
Terracotta figurine, Decorative tiles, crockery and novelty items
Terracotta Mud instruments
White Cement