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Every initiative of the Swamy Ramananda Tirtha Rural Institute is aimed at empowering the rural poor through enabling them to have unhindered access to various rural friendly sustainable livelihood options with focus on human dignity. The two main facets of human empowerment viz. social empowerment and economic empowerment have been the major focus of the every initiative of the Institute. It may be noted that the human empowerment in its true sense does not confine to livelihood provision alone. Rather it embraces every aspect of human dignity and social welfare at large.

Therefore, one has to strike a proper balance between economic empowerment and social advancement in order to bring in the true empowerment. Realizing this truism, the Institute’s training philosophy rests upon holistic development of rural people.

Towards this empowerment, all the training initiatives of the Institute have been carved keeping in view individual progress and social justice. Skill oriented trainings, both skill imparting and skill up-gradation, have been the main instruments of such empowerment. Guided by participatory approach, the learner has an option to undertake course work at his / her convenience to acquire new skills and also to update the existing skills or acquire altogether new skills. Major thrust is laid on the learning environment, which suits to aspirations and ambitions of the participants with focus on holistic empowerment of the participants. With flexi entry and exit conditions, every skill training initiative has enough space for modules on social equity, human values, health and hygiene, personality development income generating, self reliant, independent etc. Enabling the vulnerable sections of the rural society to reach the higher ladder, the Institute is striving to contribute to the process of building productive and purpose oriented human resources, and thus national harmony.

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