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  • To work for holistic rural development through Training, Education, Extension, Consultancy, Research and Development.
  • To develop, assimilate adopt and test, technologies including indigenous and smaller technologies to ensure relevance to the rural requirements.
  • To evolve and implement a package of education, training and gainful employment through a flexible entry conditions.
  • To maintain standards in the training component of the Training and Technology Development Center of each district.
  • To provide training in the use of improved artisan tools and to innovate, modify smaller technologies to suit local requirements.
  • To encourage self-employment striving to create a strong base for the emergence of rural entrepreneurship.
  • To develop and maintain a research and documentation center with a view to act as a resource center for studies on rural development.
  • To develop an up-to date audiovisual center for producing the necessary software and audio visual aids for its educational training and extension work.
  • To establish and maintain information technology network to enable easy access to information and to create an interface between the rural producers and users.