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Swamy Ramananda Tirtha Rural Institute believes in holistic approach of human resource development. It strongly emphasizes on human dignity rather than on mere economic empowerment. The philosophy and approach of the Institute are unique by their very nature that modules on human values, personality development, health and hygiene, entrepreneurship, and social equity; duly support all the training programmes, which are sustainable, rural friendly, latent and market driven. 


The important features of our training programmes are the following.

  • Training for sustainable development with a sharp focus on rural economy.

  • Training in latest micro technologies that are market driven and locally feasible. 

  • Training with major thrust on hands-on-training for sharper practical exposure. 

  • Special emphasis on rural women, unemployed youth and other vulnerable sections of rural India. 

  • Easy entry and exit condition in order to suit the general avocations of rural people. 

  • Enough scope to accommodate all sections of rural society without imposing entry conditions such as age, gender, education, and experience. 

  • Proper inclusion of modules such as health and hygiene, personality development, human values, etc. 

  • Specially designed modules on entrepreneurship support every training programme in order to encourage self-employment by the participants. 

  • The trainees are provided with all the necessary support and guidance to translate their skill into income generating activity.

  • After the training, all the trainees are monitored through a specially designed feed back mechanism to sustain and improve interest among them.

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