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Swamy Ramananda Tirtha Rural Institute has carved out a centre known as “Centre for Transfer of Technology – Lab to Land” with a view to introduce innovative training and research programmes which could bring in widespread impact on the lives of rural people. 

The primary objective of this Centre is to encourage research and innovation in most crucial areas of rural empowerment, so that these results would be passed on to the rural people in the form of guidance, training, and other services as requested. It is expected that this process would not only increase the livelihood base to the needy but also improve their productivity.

Basically the Centre acts as a platform for innovative technologies with standardized modules and procedures. Realizing the need for appropriate interventions in the areas of: i) Seed Testing – by DNA Finger Printing, ii) Renewable Energy Technologies, iii) HIV Health and Hygiene iv) Textile Designing by CAD, and v) Automobile Mechanism. 

At present the following Training Programmes are being offered (March, 2005)

1. Seed Quality Testing – by DNA Fingerprinting
2. Renewable Energy Applications for Livelihood Promotion

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