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Module I, Introduction

Module II, Tools and Equipment

Module III, Design and Pattern Making

Module IV, Accessories

Module V, Article Making

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Course Name: Quilts and Bags Making

Objective: To explore the trainees with needed skills in Quilts, Bags and other utility items making with a view to garner the ever-increasing demand for innovative products of general utility and specific occasion, which present immense scope for product diversification for all markets such as local, regional, national and international markets.

Duration: 2 Months 
Eligibility: 5th Class
Course In-charge:
Ms. Vinoda


Module I

Overview of Quilts, articles that can be made of quilts, basic features and utilities of quilts, operations of machines, machine maintenance, etc.


Module II

Tools and Equipment
Measuring and drafting: Measuring tape, metric scale, tailoring art curve, drafting tables, design cloth, brown paper, tailor chalk, drafting file, pencil, rubber.

Cutting tools and equipment: cutting table, cutting board, scissors, and hole marker.
Sewing tools and equipment: machine and hand needles

Pressing tools and equipment: solid press, brass press, pump press, laundry press, automatic electric press, and pressing tools.


Module III

Design and Pattern Making
Different type of designs and patterns, methods of design and pattern making, things to be kept in mind, while making designs and patterns.


Module IV

Zips, Runners, Design cloth, Lining cloth, Velcro, Threads, etc.


Module V

Article Making
Preparation of Quilt based articles 10 varieties
(Cushion covers, bed sheets, deevan sheets, wall hangs, etc.)
Preparation of Bags 22 varieties 
Preparation of Purses 13 varieties
Preparation of File folders 5 varieties


Extension Centres: Koyyalagudem, Vemulakonda, Chityal