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Module I, Introduction to sewing machine

Module II, Tools and equipment

Module III, Paper Exercise on machine

Module IV, Darts, Pleats, Gathers and Tucks

Module-V, Plackets and Openings

Module-VI, Standard Measurement

Module VII, Sleeves

Module VIII, Kid’s wear

Module IX, Women’s wear

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Objective: Primarily to satisfy the generic desire of every women to learn garment-making skills and purposefully enable them to earn their livelihood by way of effective serving of garment making requirements, both locally and non-locally.

Duration: 2 Months
Eligibility: 5th Class 
Course In-charge:
Mrs. D Lalitha


Module I

Introduction to sewing machine
manual and motorized machine, Operation of machine, Machine maintenance


Module II

Tools and equipment
Measuring and drafting tools and equipment - Measuring tape, Meter scale, L-Scale, Leg-Shape, Tailoring art curve, French curve, Drafting table, Milton cloth, Brown paper, Tailors chalk, Drafting file, Pencil, Rubber; Cutting Tools and Equipment – Cutting table and cutting board, Shears, Scissors, Electric cutter, Button hole scissors, Pinking scissors, trimming scissors, Hole marker, Bodkin-pin, Tracing wheel; Sewing Tools and Equipment – Machine and hand needles, Crewel or Darn needle, Pin-cushion, Thimble; Pressing Tools and Equipment – Solid press, brass press, Pump press, Electric press, Automatic electric press, Automatic steam press, laundry press, pressing table, pressing stand, Duplex board, Sleeve board.


Module III

Paper Exercise on machine
Straight lines, Curve lines; Shapes - Circles, Rectangle, Ellipse, Square, Triangle.


Module IV

Darts, Pleats, Gathers and Tucks
Darts – Darts with one end, Darts with double ends; Pleats – One-Way pleats, Meet pleats, Inverted pleats, Box Pleats, Knife pleats; Gathers – gathering by hand, gathering by machine gathers made by using elastics; Tucks- Pin tucks, Shoulder tucks, Cross tucks, Sheerer tucks, Graduated tucks.



Plackets and Openings
Neatness and invisibility, Suitable length and convenience, Strength, Correct lapping, Suitability; Inconspicuous plackets- Con tenuous bound placket, Bound and faced packet or two –piece packet on seam, Zipper packets, Bound neck opening



Standard Measurement
Kid’s wear – Standard measurements of children ranging from 1 year to 12 years
Women’s wear - Standard measurements of women for different age groups


Module VII

Plain sleeves, Puff sleeves, batwing sleeves, Umbrella sleeves, mega sleeves.


Module VIII

Kid’s wear
Jangia, Baby Jabla, Prince Petti coat, Romper, Skirt, Skirt-top, Plain Knicker, Plain Frock, Baba Suit.


Module IX

Women’s wear
Saree Petti coat, Full Blouse, Band Blouse.


Extension Centres: Suryapet, Maniguda, D Nagaram, Valigonda, Nadigudem, Chivemla, Lakkaram, Dandu Malkapur, Ramannapet, Nakrekal, Anajipur, Shivannagudem, Teredpally, Gudimalkapur.