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PART-I, Flash-MX

PART II, Dreamweaver

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Objective: To generate most creative and innovative human talent in the area of Web World through imparting necessary skills, orientation and aptitude among the participants to enable them to participate effectively in ever growing Internet needs of the knowledge society. 

Duration: 2 Months
Eligibility: MS- OFFICE and DTP 
Material Charges: Rs. 250/-
Course In-charge: Mr. Ravinder Kumar



Module I

  • Introduction to Website

  • Introduction to Flash

  • Activating Flash Application

  • Elements of Flash Screen

  • Frames

  • Stage

  • Timeline

  • Layers

  • Drawing Toolbox

  • Usage of Tools

Module II

  • Creating Basic Shapes

  • Creating Basic Shapes

  • Modifying Basic Shapes

  • Adding Colours

Module III

  • Basic Lines and Curve

  • Introduction to Basic Lines and Curves

  • Creating Lines

  • Creating Curves

Module IV

  • Working with Text

  • Introduction to Text

  • Working with Text Tool

  • Features of Text Tool

Module V

  • Flash Symbols and Instances

  • Introduction to Flash Symbols and Instances

  • Symbol Types

  • Graphic Symbols

  • Button Symbols

  • Movie Clips

  • Bitmaps and Sound

  • The Library

  • Accessing the Library

  • Creating a new folder

  • Renaming a folder or Item

  • Moving items between folders

  • Deleting item

  • To open or close a folder

  • The Library menu

  • Creating a Graphic Symbol

    • To create the symbol from scratch

    • To convert existing figure into symbol

  • Creating a Movie Clip Symbol

  • Creating a Button Clip Symbol

  • Editing Mode

  • Editing Symbol

  • Duplicating Symbols

  • Editing instances

  • Editing colour property of an instance

Module VI

  • Bitmaps and Sound

  • Importing image

  • Bitmaps as fills

  • Tracing Bitmaps

  • Editing Bitmap fills

  • Sound

  • Importing sound

  • Editing sound

Module VII

  • Frames and Layers

  • Introduction to Frames and Layers

  • Keyframes

  • Regular Key frames

  • Inserting Frame

  • Inserting Key frame

  • Inserting Blank Frame

  • Deleting Frames and Key frames

  • Copying and Pasting Frame, Key frame

  • Using Frames for animation

  • Frame by Frame animation

  • Frame Labels

  • Onion Skinning

  • Frame rates

  • Layers

  • Adding a layer

  • Renaming a layer

  • Deleting layer

  • To Lock or unlock layer

  • Arranging LayersViewing layers

  • To show or hide a layer

  • To view the content of a layer as outlines

  • To change layer height in the Timeline

Module VIII

  • Shape Tweening and Motion Tweening

  • Introduction

  • Shape Tweening

  • Text to Text Tweening

  • Motion Tweening

  • Motion Guides

Module IX

  • Masking


PART II Dreamweaver

Module I

  • Introduction to Dreamweaver

Module II

  • Creating Basic Shapes

Module III

  • Linking and Navigation

Module IV

  • Tables

Module V

  • Creation of Buttons

Module VI

  • Managing images