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Module-I, Illustrator

Module-II, Photoshop

Module-III, PageMaker

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Objective: To impart the most up-to date computer knowledge especially in respect of documentation and presentation skills to the participants in order to enable them to keep pace with new technological innovations so as to help them generate documents, graphs, financial statements, reports, presentation material, etc. and also start documentation centre on their own.

Duration: 2 Months
Eligibility: Intermediate with MS- OFFICE 
Material Charges: Rs. 250/-
Course In-charge: Mr. P Ravinder Kumar


Module-I: Illustrator

Introduction to Illustrator
What is Illustrator
Raster Images
Vector Images
The Toolbox

Drawing Basic Objects
Drawing Rectangles
Drawing Ellipses
The Polygon Tool
The Star Tool
The Paint Brush Tool

Working with Selections
The Selection Tools
The Selection Tool
The Direct Selection Tool
Grouping Objects
Working with Selections
Area Select
Locking Objects
Hiding Selections
Hide Edges 
Arranging Items

Drawing Bezier Paths
The Bezier Path
The Pen Tool

The Anchor Points
Open and Closed Paths
Line Caps & Joints

Editing Bezier Path
Manipulating Existing Points
The Direct Selection Tool
The Add Anchor Point Tool
The Delete Anchor Point Tool
Convert Direction Point Tool
Editing Paths 
The Reshape Tool
The Scissors Tool
The Knife Tool
The Join & Average Command
Drawing Paths with Freehand Tool

Compound Paths and Masks
Making & Releasing compound path

Colouring Objects
Fill and Stroke
The Colour Palette
Colour Models
Selecting a Colour
Custom Colours
The Swatches palette
The Eyedropper Tool
The Paint Bucket Tool

Solid Colour Fills

The Stroke Palette
Weight and Miter Limit
Dashed Lines
Offset Path and Outline Path

Moving Objects
Rotate, Scale, Reflect, and Shear
Transform Each
Makin’s Copies
The Transform Palette
The align Palette

The Pathfinder Commands
Unite, Intersect, Exclude, Minus 
Front, Minus Back, Divide,
Outline, Trim, and Crop
Hard and Soft

Adding Text
Point Text
Area Text
Rows and Columns
Moving Text Along a Path
Vertical Text
The Character Palette
      Font, Size, Leading, Kerning and Tracking,
      Horizontal and Vertical Scale Baseline Shift
The Paragraph Palette
      Word and Letter Spacing
      Tab setting


Module-II : Photoshop

Introduction to Photoshop
What is Computer Graphics

Looking at the Work Area
Using toolbox
Using palette
Choosing foreground and background colour

Getting Images into Photoshop
Bitmap Images and Vector Graphics
Images size and Resolutions 
Scanning Images
Creating new Images
Opening and Importing Images
Cropping Images

Choosing Colour Mode
Colour modes and models
Colour gamute
Colour Channels
Info Palette 
Adjusting monitor display

Making Selection
Adjusting Selection
Softeningthe edges of selection
Creating and using Palette
Drawing with Pen Tool
Moving and Copying Path
Filling and Stroking Path

Editing and Retouching
Correcting mistakes
Reverting to any state of image
Duplicating image
Using Rulers, The measure tool, and grids
Moving, Copying, Pasting and Deleting selections
Using Rubber Stamp Tool and Pattern Tool

Using the painting Tool
Using the Line Tool
Using brushes
Using Paint Bucket Tool
Using Gradient Tool
Filling, Stroking selection & Layers
Changing type face styles

Using Layers
Understanding Layers
Show and Hide Layers
Deleting layers
Duplicating layers

Using Filters

Saving and Exporting Images
Saving files
File formats
Exporting images


Module-III: PageMaker

Introduction to PageMaker

Creation of Publication
Components of PageMaker Window
Setting Margins
Setting Page Size
Changing Page Orientation
Setting Page Numbers
Saving Document

Editing Publication
Selecting text
Deleting text
Cutting, Copying & Pasting text
Viewing contents of clipboard
Inserting and Removing page
Threading and Unthreading text

Formatting Publication
Changing font size
Changing character specifications
Changing type leading
Changing character widths
Changing tracking
Developing Paragraphs
      Typing text
      Adding special characters to text
      Aligning text
Formatting Paragraphs
Changing Indents
Changing the space around paragraphs
Changing paragraph alignment

Adding Design Elements
Adding lines and Changing line 
Adding Shapes and Changing shape
Changing line and fill specifications
Changing round corners
Creating drop-shadow boxes
Combining graphic
Rotating, Skewing and reflecting
Cropping and Masking
Working with colours graphics
Importing graphics

Creating Page Layouts
Creating Page layouts
      Using Frames
      Adding content to a frame
      Selecting from and its contents
      Positioning content within from 
      Using Layers