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Module I, Insulating Materials
Module - II, Winding wires
Module III, Transformers and windings
Module IV, Single Phase motor winding
Module IV, Single Phase motor winding
Module V, Three Phase motor winding

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Motor Winding

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Objective: To impart the trainees the necessary skills in order to capture the growing rural markets for electrical and electronic products and help the rural masses with necessary support services in this area, at a sustainable returns to the learners.

Duration: 3 Months
Eligibility: S.S.C.
Course In-charge:
Mr. M. Venkateswarlu


Module I 

Insulating Materials
Classification, insulation paper, leatheriod paper, micanite paper. Empire cloth, glass fibre cloth. Tapes, cotton tapes, empire tape, fiberglass tape, sleeves, Cotton Empire, fibreglass, PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). Varnish.


Module - II

Winding wires
Super-enameled wires (S.E), single cotton covered copper wires (S.C.C), double cotton covered copper wires (D.C.C), single silk covered copper wires (S.S.C), double silk covered copper wires (D.S.C), PVC covered wining wires.


Module III

Transformers and windings
Transformers, voltage ration, volt-amperes, losses and efficiency. Distribution transformers, power transformers. Transformer losses and efficiency- Transformer winding, Field coil winding, voltage-coil windings. Construction of small transformers, 50 VA, 100 VA, 200 VA. Construction of a choke for fluorescent tube. Construction of an electromagnet for no-volt coil of starter and simple electric bell.


Module IV

Single Phase motor winding
Winding a table fan motor and testing, ceiling fan motor winding and testing, water pump motor winding and testing. Winding air cooler motors and testing. Exhaust fan motor winding and testing. Starter for domestic pumps and testing, to measure hold and release voltage of a no volt coil.


Module V

Three Phase motor winding
Winding a 2 pole, 3HP, 5HP, 3-phase submersible pump motor (identifying stating and ending terminals of a 3-phase induction motor).
Winding a 4 pole, 3HP, 5HP, 3-phase squirrel cage motor, testing of motor after varnishing, baking and assembling- insulation resistance, no load, full-load current and efficiency test. To measure the hold and release voltage of an under voltage coil.


Extension Centres: Choutuppal, Nakrekal, Nalgonda, Suryapet, Nadigudam, Mothkur, Mityalaguda, Gaddipally, Bhongiri, Kodad, Ramannapet, Sanghi, Chityal, Rayadurg, Huzurnagar, Palem, Achampet, Mahaboob Nagar.