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Module I, Joints & Accessories

Module - II, Wiring

Module - III, Testing of Domestic Wiring

Module -IV, Safety Precautions

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Objective: To impart the trainees the necessary skills in order to capture the growing rural markets for electrical and electronic products and help the rural masses with necessary support services in this area, at a sustainable returns to the learners.

Duration: 3 Months
Eligibility: S.S.C. 
Course In-Charge:
Mr. M. Venkateswarlu


Module I 

Joints and Accessories
Terminators and joints: -Prepare terminators, skinning stripping and crimping Types of joints and their uses, twisted joint, married joint, scarfed joint etc.

Accessories: - Ratings and mountings, surface and flush controlling accessories, single pole, two way, intermediate, D.P., bell push, D.P.I.C and T.P.I.C. switches. Holding accessories, bayonet, screw types. Outlet accessories, sockets and plugs, two pin and three pin. General accessories, ceiling roses, adopters, distribution boards, neutral links etc. mounting accessories, round blocks, square blocks etc., safety accessories Kit Kat fuse cutout, MCBS-SP, TP, DP, TPN and isolators.


Module - II


Cleat wiring uses
Batten wiring uses
Casing and capping wiring uses

Wiring a house having a tube light, a filament lamp a ceiling fan, a call bell , a water pump with starter, 2 pin socket, wiring a house having 3-Bed rooms, dressing room, kitchen, Verandah, and appliances, Refrigerator, Washing machine, Geyser and electric pump (1hp). Master switch controls, master off switch and master on switch control

Conduit wiring: - PVC and metal conduit, Repeat the above domestic wiring with PVC conduit wiring. Control of lamp from two places, control of lamp from three places. Godown wiring, corridor wiring, wire up consumers main board with I.C.D.P. switch and fuses.

Earthing domestic installations earth electrodes, rod or pipe earthing and plate earthing. Single phase motors and starters wiring. Three phase motors and starters wiring.


Module III

Testing of domestic wiring
Polarity test, continuity test, earth and ground test, insulation test between conductors and between conductors and earth.


Module IV

Safety Precautions
Earthing electrodes and earth wire to sockets. All appliances with fuses and good insulation and protective relays. Correct rating of main fuses for the domestic wiring.


Extension Centres: 

Choutuppal, Nakrekal, Nalgonda, Suryapet, Nadigudam, Mothkur, Mityalaguda, Gaddipally, Bhongiri, Kodad, Ramannapet, Sanghi, Chityal, Rayadurg, Huzurnagar, Palem, Achampet, Mahaboob Nagar.