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Objective: To train educated un-employed rural youth on Solar Thermal Technology as to enable them to get a job in manufacturing industry or to explore self employment opportunities in this growing field.

Duration: 1 Month
Eligibility: S.S.C., ITI pass added advantage.
Course In-charge: Mr. Sharath Kanth


1. Basic Principles of Solar Energy
2. Advantages of Solar Energy
3. Applications of Solar Thermal technology
a. Hot Water
b. Cooking
4. Working principles of different models of solar water heating systems
5. Technical specification of solar water heating systems
6. Installation and maintenance of solar water heating systems
7. Cost economics of solar water heating systems
8. Practical demonstration of Box type and Parabolic dish type cookers and water heating systems
9. Cooking process of all models of Solar cookers
10. Installation of solar water heating systems with manufacturers / suppliers support
11. Training on Marketing
12. Conducting test &Evaluating the performance